Why socks?


How do you donate the pairs to the shelters?

Every month Sky Footwear partners with a homeless shelter in the US. For each pair sold, we donate a pair to the Shelter of the Month. At the end of the month, we total up the pairs sold and match that number with a donation to the shelter. 

Which shelters have you partnered with so far?

September - Wheeler Missions Ministries (Indianapolis, IN)

October - Evansville Rescue Mission (Evansville, IN)

November - Cherry Street Mission (Toledo, OH)

December - Shalom Community Center (Bloomington, IN)

January - Milwaukee Rescue Mission (Milwaukee, WI)

How can my local shelter be the shelter of the month?


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Is there bulk ordering price?

What socks are donated?

How can I help spread the word about Sky Footwear?